Voxel Merge 3D

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If you have a spare minute, you should play our game Voxel Merge 3D. In the game you have to find pairs of objects and match them to sort out the pile of objects on the screen. The style of the game is reminiscent of the famous game Mine Craft, which will allow you to re-immerse yourself in the atmosphere of pixel style.
After completing each level, you can unlock new items, get rubies to compete with other players on the rankings.
In order for the game not to seem boring to you, we have added pickaxes, like in Mine Craft. As your level increases, you can buy stronger pickaxes to break new types of blocks. The higher level the block you smash, the cooler merge items you'll get on the table.
With its voxel-style three-dimensional graphics, pickaxe pumping system, and unique match-finding game mechanics, Voxel Merge 3D stands out from all other games.
You'll love our game. Enjoy and good luck.

Merge items
Break blocks
Upgrade Pickaxes
Buy different bonus